Junkies and drunks cause subway hell

The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan
The underpass at the Portadown Rorad, Lurgan
  • Gangs cause major disruption to local community
  • Police committed to working to find a solution
  • Appeal to parents to be aware of where their children are

Crowds of junkies and drunks are causing misery to residents of Lurgan’s Portadown Rd, and action must be taken, says Sinn Fein.

Cllr Liam Mackle said action needs to be taken against the serious anti-social behaviour at the subway and black path in Taghnevan.

He said: “I have received a number of complaints from residents of Oakridge about frequent anti-social behaviour and drinking at the subway.

“The debris left by these crowds, broken glass, drugs paraphernalia and tins has to be passed by parents and children on the way to school.

“Residents have been clear, enough is enough.

“I have had some initial discussions with the PSNI and will also be talking to other statutory agencies to get these issues addressed urgently,” he said.

The PSNI said it received reports of anti-social behaviour in the Black Path area of the Old Portadown Road on Friday 20th January.

Inspector Brian Mills said: “We received a report at around 11.00pm that a large group of youths had gathered in the vicinity of The Old Portadown Road causing much annoyance to nearby residents.

“Officers attended the scene to engage with the crowd and moved the group of youths on. Officers maintained a presence in the area for a time after the incident.

“We are aware of the impact on the quality of life that anti-social behaviour can have for local residents and are committed to working together to provide a solution. Additionally, we are already working with other groups and agencies in tackling the problem of anti-social issues in the area and remain committed to taking a pro-active approach, working hard to reduce the number of incidents.

“However we cannot tackle this problem alone, I am appealing to parents in the area to be aware of where their children are, and what they are up to.

“The behaviour of your child may be making the life of your neighbour, or another member of your community, almost unbearable.

“We all bear a responsibility to work together and make this community a safer place in which to live, and those who hold positions of responsibility and influence are asked to help.

“I am willing to meet with anyone who has concerns or suggestions on how best to work together to solve this.”