Killer laughs as he is given ‘lenient’ term

Cathy Cahoon
Cathy Cahoon

Laughing killer Daniel McCartney (21), jailed for three and a half years for the manslaughter of David Neill, may have his sentence appealed according to the Public Prosecution Service.

McCartney’s brother Kevin (29) was jailed last week for Mr Neill’s murder and was sentenced to nine years.

David Neill, murdered at his Parkmore Home in Lurgan in September 2012

David Neill, murdered at his Parkmore Home in Lurgan in September 2012

Mr Neill had been brutally stabbed close to his home in Craigavon’s Parkmore estate in September 2012.

Daniel, who sat in the dock smirking throughout, sauntered casually to the cells laughing at his victim’s family after sentencing by Judge Patrick Lynch QC.

After an emotionally charged sentencing at Craigavon Crown Court, Mr Neill’s family were very upset at what they said described as unduly lenient sentences and after a meeting with the Public Prosecution Service, the family claimed the PPS told them it would appeal the sentences of both brothers who are originally from Enniskeen in Craigavon.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service said: “The Director of Public Prosecutions is aware of the family concerns in relation to the sentences in this case and is giving careful consideration as to whether or not the sentence can be referred to the Court of Appeal as unduly lenient.”

Daniel McCartney

Daniel McCartney

In an interview with the Lurgan Mail, David’s partner Cathy Cahoon said she is very ‘angry and let down’ by the jail terms.

“They came armed. It was horrible,” said Cathy as she recalled the night Davy was murdered.

Cathy said: “Is there any justice. When he (the judge) said seven years, I thought he meant seven years and when he went on to say Daniel would serve only three and a half, that made it even worse. Three and a half years for taking somebody’s life?

“It was Daniel McCartney that triggered this whole thing off. Why didn’t he do what any other person would have done and leave our family alone. That is all we wanted,” said Cathy who claimed that Daniel had been abusive to her daughter Nicole.

“We lived in fear for six months before Davy was murdered. I mean we were tortured. We went to the police and nothing. They promised to do this and the other but did nothing. Living in fear in your own home is a terrible thing, especially when we had lived there for nearly 19 years.”

She said it was the stress of the case and that paultry sentences that caused David’s sister Barbara to take a fit in court and she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

She said she was disgusted when Daniel McCartney laughed after he was sentenced. “I would have looked over it if they had shown a bit of remorse. I mean we have just lost David. They have never said sorry once. And especially today of all days, they shouldn’t have laughed. They should have thought those people are going through a hard time but he (Daniel) had to turn round and laugh at us. They have no remorse, nothing. They are the lowest of the low.”

She said Davy was a fun loving, happy-go-lucky, laid back guy while his killers were “the lowest, most morally bankrupt scumbags that ever walked the earth”.

“Davy was the one always protecting us, making us feel OK when we were scared out of our wits,” said Cathy.

The Police Ombudsman’s office had been contacted in relation to the murder of Mr Neill and circumstances related. A spokesperson said: “The Police Ombudsman’s Office received a complaint about the police response to an incident in the Parkmore Estate area of Craigavon on 15 September, 2012. Our enquiries are complete and a report on our findings is now being drafted.”