Learner being supervised by a disqualified driver

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When a learner driver was stopped by police it was discovered the person with him had been banned from driving four days previously.

Paulo Santos, Monbrief Walk, Lurgan, admitted driving unsupervised and not displaying ‘L’ plates on June 9 this year.

Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Friday that at 4.25pm he was stopped on the Lurgan Road in Craigavon.

He was the holder of a provisional licence and he was not supervised and was not displaying ‘L’ plates.

Mr Philip Reid, representing the defendant, said Santos had previously been disqualified and was trying to get his licence back.

He explained there was another driver with the defendant but it transpired he had been disqualified four days previously.

Deputy District Judge Peter Magill told Santos he was trying to get things back on track and he would not stand in his way.

He fined him a total of £200, ordered him to pay a £15 offender’s levy and gave him three points.