Learner driver had no insurance

While moving his car from a friend’s house a Craigavon man was caught for driving without having insurance.

Thirty year old Mark Paul Jackson, of Drumbeg, Craigavon, was fined £150 and given six points for not having insurance on May 30 this year.

He was also fined £25 for not displaying ‘L’ plates, £25 for not having a supervisor and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that at 9pm police were travelling on the Brownlow Road in Craigavon. They checked a vehicle in front of them and discovered no insurance was registered for the vehicle.

They stopped the car in the Drumbeg estate and spoke to the defendant.

Jackson admitted he did not have insurance and he was the holder of a provisional licence. The passenger in the car was not a qualified driver.

A barrister said the car had been purchased or the defendant’s partner to drive.

She explained the defendant was storing the car at a friend’s house. The friend was going on holiday and Jackson thought it would be prudent to move the car.

The barrister said it was his intention to get the car insured so that his partner could drive it.