Lengthy record due to alcohol


After ignoring police warnings about his behaviour a 26-year-old man continued to be disorderly in Banbridge on Halloween night.

Stephen McPolin, Millar Park, Lawrencetown, was fined £400 last Thursday at Banbridge Magistrates Court for disorderly behaviour.

The court heard that on October 31, 2015, Halloween night, McPolin, who was intoxicated, was outside the Coach nightclub in Banbridge.

He was verbally abusing other members of the public who were in fancy dress and was asked by police to move on. An hour later he was seen again acting aggressively and shouting and swearing before moving off saying he was ‘doing f—k all’.

Forty five minutes later he approached police and started to shout at officers. He was arrested for disorderly behaviour and later released when he had calmed down.

A solicitor representing the defendant said he had been on a night out at the Coach and had no recollection of the incident. He was given the opportunity to move away but continued to be disorderly. He added that McPolin was a man who struggled with alcohol and all his offending related to alcohol. He had spent a 12 week period in Sister Consilio’s.

Judge Phillip Mateer said it was quite apparent the defendant’s lengthy record was due to the fact that he takes too much alcohol.

On this occasion, he added, police were dealing with another young man who was unconscious on the ground due to too much alcohol and McPolin interrupted them.

The judge pointed out that the accused was subject to a suspended sentence until 2018 and this offence happened before that was imposed.

He said the suspended sentence was to ensure that McPolin kept within the law in the future and in the circumstances he would impose a fine.