Liverpool fan's dog saved from poisoned chicken while he was at final in Madrid

Liverpool supporter's dog
Liverpool supporter's dog

A Liverpool fan's pet dog was saved by his family from poisoning while he and his wife attended the Champions League final in Madrid.

A Craigavon man said he and his wife were 'disgusted' when they returned home this week to find they nearly lost their pet dog.

Liverpool supporter's dog

Liverpool supporter's dog

While they were away on the football trip of a lifetime, the couple had left their full-bred King Charles Spaniel Cavalier Blenheim with their daughter and son-in-law at their Meadowbrook home.

The Liverpool supporter said "We have had the dog since he was a pup at two months old. He is now eight.

"My wife and I were away in Spain for the Champions League Final to watch Liverpool win a 6th title. My daughter and son-in-law were looking after our home and dog while we were away.

"I am just so glad the son-in-law had presence of mind to check the back garden before letting my dog out.

"My wife and I would have been heart broken if anything bad had happened to our wee dog.

"We are disgusted that there are people going about the towns and estates trying to hurt or even kill our pets.

"Fortunately for us our dog is a house dog and is mostly in the house.

"He also sleeps in his own bed in the house at night.

"The only time he is out the back is when we go shopping or visiting family, or if he has to go to the toilet.

"This hasn't been the first time this has happened in this area and I just hope the PSNI can find those responsible quickly and bring them to justice."