Mackle condemns petrol bomb attacks at notorious flats

Cllr Liam Mackle
Cllr Liam Mackle

Sinn Fein has condemned the petrol bombing attacks at a notorious block of flats in Lurgan.

There were two separate attacks in Dingwell Flats in Lurgan’s Taghnevan estate on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

A number of serious crimes have occured at the flats over the years including murder and gang rape.

The flats have become notorious for anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Liam Mackle said: “I have been working with residents in recent times to find lasting solutions to the problems at the flats in Dingwell.

“Unfortunately small numbers of criminal and anti social elements are still determined to blight the lives of citizens.

“The Housing Executive have committed to taking a number of measures to improve the Dingwell area and it is important that this moves ahead quickly. Attacks such as this serve no purpose. Residents deserve to live in a safe environment free from fear of attack.

“Taghnevan has a strong community and I am confident that together we will defeat these elements.

“Anyone with any information about the recent incidents should contact the PSNI or myself.”