Men caught urinating in High Street

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Three men, spotted urinating against commercial premises in Lurgan, were tackled by the PSNI in a crackdown on alcohol related crime.

Police said that on Sunday, they saw three men urinating in High Street at around 1.40am.

“Two were apprehended at the scene, whilst a third made off joining a group of approximately 20 persons near a fast food takeaway,” said a PSNI spokesperson. “Some members of this group interfered with police carrying out there duty and as a result a further two males were arrested.

“Two males have been dealt with by way of Penalty Notice and two are being reported to the PPS.”

The spokesperson continued: “On late evenings and weekends police are employed to monitor the night time economy, dealing with individuals who are intoxicated and get involved in unacceptable behaviour within the town centre.

“This week the PSNI are taking part in Alcohol Harm week to raise awareness of issues that affect our local community. We are working with Licensees, Registered Clubs and schools in an effort to educate the public of the consequences of actions carried out whilst under the influence of alcohol.”