Men ‘not surprised’ at ex-Colonel’s remarks

'Hooded Men' continue their campaign
'Hooded Men' continue their campaign

A Lurgan-based campaigner for the group known as the ‘Hooded Men’ says he is not surprised after a Conservative MP admitted he was “kind of a torturer” when he served as a soldier in Northern Ireland.

Bob Stewart made the admission after news of US President Donald Trump’s remarks that senior intelligence officials have told him torture “absolutely works”.

Jim McIlmurray, of the Hooded Men campaign said it ‘doesn’t come as any great surprise’.

The former Army officer told BBC 5 Live torture is sometimes “justified” and can work as an interrogation method.

Mr McIlmurray spearheads a campaign taking the British Government to the European Court over allegations the 14 Hooded Men were tortured while interned in the 1970s.

The men say they were subjected to torture techniques, including food and sleep deprivation and being subjected to constant loud static noise for long periods of time.

“We are currently taking the British government back to the European courts and this admission will of course be used as part of our case,” said Mr McIlmurray.

“It is now time for the British government to come clean about their role in human rights violations and abuses. None of the 14 men were ever convicted of any crime and as such remain innocent victims of both torture and the judicial system.”