Mum (25) is terrified after creeper theft

A young Lurgan mum has been left terrified after burglars crept into her home while she and her four-year-old child were asleep.

The 25-year-old, who is too frightened to be named, said her passport, handbag and other valuable items had been stolen some time in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The beautician from Riverglade Court said she had been very tired on Saturday night and after putting her daughter to bed had gone to bed herself with a book.

“I had forgotten to lock the back door and they must have crept in,” she told the Mail. The double French doors had been closed but unlocked and curtains had been drawn.

The 25-year-old said her kitchen door had been closed and the thief or thieves crept in and stole her handbag.

“It had my life in it,” she told the Mail. “Everything, my passport, bank card, gift vouchers from Christmas, even school work was in that bag,” she said, explaining that she was just finishing a special course in beauty therapy and had a pouch full of expensive make-up brushes.

What concerned the woman the most was the fact that her daughter was asleep upstairs. “It’s really scary to think that someone was creeping about downstairs while we were asleep,” she said. “It’s a worry that someone could just walk in with my daughter upstairs. And how quiet they were.”

She explained that she has a dog who is normally very vocal when someone even calls at the front door.

“I can’t believe the dog never made a sound when someone came in,” she said.

P0lice arrived and spent several hours in the Gilpinstown area making inquiries. A footprint was also found on the kitchen wall.

“They just can’t get away with it. I have to pay out for a new passport now and sort out the school work that I lost.

“My life was in that bag. I carried everything in it,” she said, adding that she is particularly annoyed about the loss of the specialist make up brushes as this is her livelihood.

“I have lived here for five years and I have never felt scared before. It is normally so quiet,” she said.

“I just want everything back. Everything in the house I have worked hard for. It is an awful feeling, an invasion of privacy as well,” she said.

This is the second burlgary in Riverglade Court in as many weeks. Recently a house was broken into and a number of items stolen including legally held guns.

Police are appealing to anyone who has information about this incident to contact them on 0845 600 8000.