‘Next offence will get you sent back to Lithuania’

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When police spoke to a 32-year-old man they noticed his cheek was puffed out and it was discovered that in his mouth he had a small bag containing drugs.

Saulius Pirtinas, Corcrain Drive, Portadown, was sentenced last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for two offences.

He admitted unlawful possession of class A drugs, MDMA and Methamphetamine on March 9 this year. The court heard that at 5pm a police mobile patrol in West Street in Portadown saw the defendant who ran off down the middle of the road.

They approached him and asked for identification. As he tried to get it a small clear plastic bag containing powder fell out of his hand. Pirtinas said: “Oh my God what the f—k is that?” Police seized the bag.

They also noticed that his left cheek was puffed out and asked him to open his mouth. Inside was a small clear plastic bag containing three tablets.

The defendant appeared intoxicated and he was unsteady on his feet. He kept saying that someone else had given him the items. Forensic test showed the tablets were MDMA and the powder was Methamphetamine.

Defence barrister David McKeown said this was one of the most concerning reports he had read. District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, pointed out the defendant said in the report he did not take drugs so he must be a drug dealer.

She added that this happened at five in the afternoon and due to his state and concern for his safety police became involved in the first place.

Mr McKeown said it was a worrying report for a man who clearly had drug and alcohol issues. Judge Kelly said these were serious offences and were all the more serious by virtue of his previous record and denial of responsibility.

She added this was his second appearance in court in a short period for similar offences and with no community options open there was only one penalty she could impose.

For each of the two offences she imposed a two month prison sentence which she suspended for two years.

“Your next drugs offence in this court will get you sent back to Lithuania.

“This is your last chance,” the judge told Pirtinas.