No trick, no treat

THE PSNI, Craigavon Community Safety Partnership (CCSP) and Craigavon District Policing Partnership (DPP), supported by Craigavon Borough Council, are urging all residents to have a happy and safe Halloween.

Halloween festivities provide an opportunity for children to dress up and join in planned festivities; however, for some people it can mean something completely different.

In previous years across Northern Ireland there have been instances of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage and vulnerable members of our society have felt intimidated and threatened.

A number of campaigns and events are being implemented to help deter and decrease antisocial behaviour and criminal damage and reduce the fear of crime for residents within the Borough.

The first of these is the ‘No Trick, No Treat, No Thanks’ campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to provide A5 notices for residents who would prefer not to have trick or treaters calling at their home. The notice says, ‘Sorry, no trick, no treat, no thanks. Have fun’ and can be displayed in house windows or doors.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Anthony McNally said: “We do not want to ruin anyone’s fun at Halloween, however, we want young people to stop and think about how their behaviour may be perceived by some of the more vulnerable members in our society. What is ‘messing about’ or a ‘bit of fun’ for some can often be perceived as intimidating and frightening by others.

“I would ask parents to talk to their children and discuss their Halloween plans and the best way to enjoy themselves safely and within the law. I would also ask everyone to respect the no trick, no treat, no thanks notices where they are displayed, and together we can all look forward to a safe Halloween,”

Councillor Robert Smith, Chair of CCSP and DPP stated: “Halloween used to be one of the busiest times of year for the police service. However, since 2007, due to close partnership working and joint campaigns, there has been a decrease in reports of criminal damage and youths causing annoyance year-on-year in Craigavon. The agencies want to build on this success and are appealing for parents to assist with this.’

The ‘No Trick, No Treat, No Thanks’ notices are also available in poster form and are being sent to schools, libraries, health centres, community centres and other local amentities throughout the Borough. If you would like a copy please contact Lynette Burke on 028 3831 2529 to receive one for your own household.

The message is simple – enjoy Halloween, but be sensible and don’t break the law.