‘Organised gang behind pick up truck thefts’, says MLA

Those responsible for the theft of three pick-up trucks within a mile and a half radius, have been slammed by a Co Armagh MLA.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 10:46 am

The DUP’s William Irwin revealed thefts happened on Tuesday night and believes an organised crime gang are responsible.

“I am aware that a Ford Ranger was taken from a farm on the Markethill Road Portadown in recent weeks and also two VW Amorak pickups were taken from a farm on Mullurg Road last night which is very concerning for the owners of these vehicles.

“I understand that in another location in the district a BMW jeep was abandoned with the occupants fleeing, which may provide an important lead for PSNI teams to follow.


“Rural crime continues to be real concern in our district and these recent thefts only add to the concern being generated locally amongst the farming community. It is understandably alarming that an organised crime gang can move around the area and target farm yards in this manner.

“I would appeal to everyone to be extra alert especially as we move into the darker evenings and ensure all reasonable steps are taken to secure vehicles and machinery. I would also appeal to the public to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or activity immediately to the PSNI. It is important that the PSNI apprehend those behind this crime spree and put them before the courts.”

The PSNI said: “Two high value pick-up vehicles were stolen from the Markethill area overnight (Tuesday night). Especially as the nights are drawing in, please make sure you keep your property safe and secure. If you notice anything suspicious please don’t hesitate to contact police.”