Pair hand themselves in to police and apologise after wrecking defibrillator

Defibrillator created by Professor Frank Pantridge
Defibrillator created by Professor Frank Pantridge

Two youths who were caught on CCTV damaging a life-saving piece of equipment have been give credit by police for apologising.

The defibrillator, mounted on a wall outside the Eurospar in Lurgan’s William Street, was destroyed in October last year.

Police threatened to publicly expose the culprits, who were captured on CCTV, if they didn’t hand themselves in.

The PSNI has revealed the youths handed themselves in within days and given a Community Resolution Notice (CRN).

It led to the pair apologising to the staff in the shop, who had spent a long time raising money for the life-saving device.

On Facebook, the PSNI said: “You may remember a few months back we launched an investigation into the damage of a defibrillator on William Street in Lurgan. A life saving piece of equipment in the community had been taken, damaged, and was out of use for several days until it was established it was in working order.

“We seized CCTV, saw our two suspects, and gave them a week to hand themselves in or face Op Exposure. They were in within days.

“In credit to both lads, they didn’t try telling us some nonsense. That not only saves a lot of time - and indeed tax payers money - but also increases our options with how to deal with it.

“Heads were put together, the two lads spoken to, and a plan was formulated.

“A Community Resolution Notice (CRN) is a relatively new thing, and can be used for as little as enforcing an apology for a minor altercation in the street, to making sure that damage is paid for.

“In this instance, we got a bit more creative and, again in credit to them, the 2 lads engaged fully. Today, a letter of apology from each of them has been handed to the shop AND both lads have made a generous donation to the Marie Curie charity.

“Both now know that this option is now exhausted. Any repeat and it’ll be a court matter.

“In short: life saving equipment back in the community, shop apologised to, generous donation to charity and hopefully a lesson learned.”