Pay total amount or face prison, man is told


A 39-year-old man was told that if did not have the full amount for compensation with him when he next appeared at Craigavon Magistrates Court he would be returning to prison.

Andrew Abraham, West Street, Portadown, had been on the videolink list from Magilligan prison at last Friday’s court.

But he had been released and appeared and his solicitor said he would be pleading guilty to one charge.

He admitted that on July 10, 2015, with a view to obtaining Jobseeker’s Allowance he made a false statement that he had not worked when in fact he had. The court heard that the over payment amounted to £73.10.

District Judge, Mrs Bernie Kelly, adjourned sentencing until July 28. She told Abraham had if on that occasion he had the full amount with him she would deal with this in a way that would not interfere with his liberty.

She told Abraham. “I want the full amount or you’re back in prison again.”