Play park ban under new dog control order

LUrgan Park
LUrgan Park

A new Council Order banning dogs from children’s play parks is to be implemented from June.

Following a number of incidents regarding dogs roaming without leads, Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council took a stance that dogs should be barred from children’s play area.

The Council said the new Dog Control Order would update and modernise existing provisions within legacy bylaws and park rules in place across the Borough, that already excluded dogs from children’s play parks.

DUP Cllr Mark Baxter referred to Scarva Park which did not have a fence around the play park area, and where the public path actually ran through the play park. He asked where the boundary was between where dogs were allowed and where dogs were prohibited.

A council official said officers had surveyed all of the 94 children’s play parks across the Borough during January/February. Each play park now had its own individual map and officers had indicated on each map the area that was affected by the Order. In the case of Scarva Park, this excluded the path that went through the play park, and signage would be used to mark out the area.

The next stage would involve looking at where and when dogs may be required to be kept on leads, and this would be a significant piece of work. Large park areas were referred to and there may be some areas where it would be appropriate for dogs to be let off their lead.