Police appeal for community support

LURGAN Neighbourhood Policing Team are asking for the support of the local community as they tackle antisocial behaviour in the Derrymacash Road area.

The neighbourhood team have been made aware of youths congregating and indulging in criminal and antisocial behaviour at the vacant premises of the former Corner House bar (reported in last week’s ‘MAIL’).

In partnership with Craigavon Borough Council and the owners of the premises, officers are working to address this problem.

Constable Crossey, Lurgan NPT, explained: “The local community has made us aware of their concerns in relation to this vacant property. Young people regularly trespass on the property and have caused extensive damage inside. Alcohol is also being consumed on the premises leading to rowdy and disruptive behaviour in the early hours of the morning, particularly at weekends.

“The local area is being littered on a regular basis and the car park is being used for antisocial driving.

“We do not want to prevent anyone from spending time with their peers and socialising but the people congregating in this area need to stop and take a good look at the effect their behaviour is having on residents and businesses in the surrounding area.

“Not only are people feeling intimidated in their own homes but businesses are also suffering through the unthinking behaviour of a few.

“The young people who are using the vacant premises as a meeting place should also consider the fact that their behaviour and actions could lead to a criminal record. Anyone found on the premises could face charges of trespass and criminal damage amongst others.

“Those who continue to use the car park as a racing track could face charges of dangerous or careless driving. Any criminal record now can have long lasting repercussions on any future education or travel plans.”

The vacant premises and adjoining car park are in the process of being closed up and extra lighting, CCTV and no trespassing signs will be fitted.

Con Crossey continued: “We are asking young people to stay away from the area and refrain from any antisocial behaviour.

“In partnership with Craigavon Borough Council we will distribute leaflets to local residents in the area, asking for their support. We are asking anyone who observes any activity around the premises to contact us immediately so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

“The young people who are meeting here are not only risking criminal records, but are also taking risks with their well being as the premises are not safe to be in.

“We are committed to finding solutions with the help of the community and anyone with concerns or information should contact us on 0845 600 8000.”