Police fend calls complaining that ‘Whatsapp’ is down


Police have been fending calls complaining that the social media site ‘Whatsapp’ is down.

According to PSNI Craigavon they have received cals recently to complain that the social networking giant has gone ‘down’.

They also said they fielded calls from people asking about their TV or phones not working.

PSNI Craigavon said this morning: “If you haven’t checked Facebook or Twitter yet to see if it’s true, that Whatsapp really is down...well that’s a good thing. You’ve clearly better things to be doing in life.

“Sadly, I must admit I was straight onto Twitter there to check.

“Probably as good a time as any to remind folk that the 999 system is ONLY for emergencies. Even the 101 number shouldn’t be abused.

“We only have a finite number of call handlers and if they’re taking calls about their TV or their phone not working (both calls we’ve had recently!) or indeed about Whatsapp being down, then genuine calls are going to be held up.

“Yes, Whatsapp is down. No, it’s not a police matter.

“In emergency or for serious ongoing incidents- 999.

“For all other enquiries or to report an incident after the fact - 101.

“Correct use of those systems can save lives.

“Now, sit back and wait for that influx of group chat messages when it finally gets sorted.”