Police issue shocking video showing drug den horror

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  • Police helped boy (14) covered in urine
  • Drunk girl (13) choking on her own vomit
  • Area dumping ground for dissident weapons

A shocking video depicting a dangerous drug den in north Lurgan has been issued by the PSNI in a bid to stop young people hanging out there.

The notorious derelict site in the Victoria Street area has been a mecca for anti-social behaviour as well as drink and drug taking for many years.

This isn’t a playground. This is a death trap.

PSNI Craigavon

Now police have posted a hard-hitting video about children being drunk, unconscious, covered in urine amid a dumping site for drugs.

Local residents have been angered at the gangs of youths constantly congregating at the former Clendinings factory site.

Police have been called regularly to the site to deal with not just the anti-social behaviour but the neglected area has been used as a dumping ground for dissident republican weapons.

On the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page, police posted a video depicting the dreadful paraphernalia left strewn about the site.

Behind what appears to be an innocent hedge, bags of dog poo, dirty needles, deal bags.

“A 14-year-old boy, unable to speak, covered in urine abandoned by his friends - picked up by us,” said the PSNI.

“A 14-year-old semi-conscious girl, throwing up. We had to keep clearing her mouth to stop her choking on her own sick. Her friends had abandoned her. She spent nearly 24 hours in hospital.

“Fires have been lit across the site. Several drunk 13-year-old girls with blankets to sleep out all night. They told their parents they were staying at a friend’s house.

The video zooms in on an electricity substation which is regularly attacked causing power cuts.

It also shows a knife, discarded clothing including underwear.

“This isn’t a playground. This is a death trap.

“A 14-year-old boy collapsed out of sight, forgotten by his friends. It was only by chance that we stumbled upon him.

“Dissident Dan has been known to use this site to hide his weapons. Your kids could be playing just feet away from bombs. One exploded last year when no one was near it. That’s how unstable they are.

The post stated: “This video will shock many of you. It may be about one specific site, but kids are coming from across Craigavon and beyond to drink here.

“We’ve dealt with ones from Lurgan, Portadown, Derrymacash, Aghagallon and all in between.

“The stories featured in this video are from just the past few weeks! This isn’t historical, it’s NOW!

“If you know your child hangs around the old factory site on Victoria Street, then it’s time to up your game.

“If there’s even a possibility that they are, then watch this video and take stock. We’re doing our best to keep young people safe - what are YOU doing?

“The site is private land, so we can’t secure it. That puts the onus on everyone else to do their part.”