Police photo shows gunshot casings sprayed across street after murder attempt

Police issue photo of where gun casings fell after automatic gunfire was sprayed at a house in Carrigart Cresent, Lurgan. One man, Ty Mcguire, was critically injured in the attack
Police issue photo of where gun casings fell after automatic gunfire was sprayed at a house in Carrigart Cresent, Lurgan. One man, Ty Mcguire, was critically injured in the attack

Police have issued a photo of the gunshot casings covering a Lurgan street after a man was critically injured.

Ty McGuire lies in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast fighting for his life after his house was sprayed with automatic gunfire in the early hours of last Monday morning.

Ty McGuire (left) and his brother Lee Baker

Ty McGuire (left) and his brother Lee Baker

The graphic image shows a scene more familiar on hit television show CSI with yellow markers showing the spots where casings were discovered by the PSNI.

Ty (31) was shot in the head while he was in his living room at Carrigart Crescent.

Yesterday his brother Lee Baker spoke of the family’s heartbreak and how his condition is so critical doctors believe he may not pull through.

Lee said: “It doesn’t look good. They (doctors) are saying he is not going to pull through this.”

Last night the PSNI Craigavon posted a photograph of the scene outside Ty’s home shortly after the attack.

The PSNI Craigavon said: “You may think you recognise this scene from episodes of CSI. You might expect a suave detective to appear and solve the case in minutes, simply by looking at the wind direction.

“Sadly, this is real life. Each one of those yellow markers indicates where a bullet casing fell after automatic gunfire was sprayed into a house in a quiet residential street, Carrigart Crescent, last Monday.

“For a moment look beyond the yellow markers, beyond the victims house, and at the other houses- the one behind and the one beside. Then look again at those yellow markers. The fact that no one else was seriously injured or even killed is a miracle.

“In the past week you’ve heard the words “targeted” and “crime gang”. Yes, it may have been a crime gang responsible but to call it “targeted” almost detracts from the callous, cold blooded and completely reckless nature in which this act with murderous intent was carried out. Automatic gunfire was sprayed into a house but so easily could have strayed elsewhere. Even one ricochet could have been fatal. Imagine if one of those bullets had entered a child’s bedroom.

“The victim of this murder attempt, Ty McGuire, is still fighting for his life in hospital with family at his bedside. They want answers. They deserve justice.

“There is no doubt that the community hold the key to this. Someone out there knows why Ty was targeted. Someone knows who it was, and who helped them. Those people haven’t yet spoken up but folks, we need you to. The family need you to.

“We believe the attackers fled in a silver Skoda Octavia which was later found burnt out on The New Line. Did you see that vehicle before the incident or immediately after? Did you see it being driven, probably at speed and almost certainly up Tullygally East Road past Meadowbrook and Drumbeg? Did you notice it in the area in the run up, particularly on the afternoon or evening of Monday 13th February?

“What about The New Line itself? We know it’s popular with dog walkers, even at night, and has factory workers using it. Did you see any vehicles making off from the area in a hurry, or people on foot around 1.45am that morning?

“Please, if you have any information, no matter how small, contact us. Don’t assume that someone else will. You can call us on 101 any time of day or night. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to us directly, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. They’re an independent charity, and they never tell us where information comes from.”