Police praised after arrest and herbal cannabis find

Phil Moutray at the New Forge Road.
Phil Moutray at the New Forge Road.

The PSNI have been praised after seizing a firearm and drugs on Friday night.

Councillor Phil Moutray welcomed the actions of the PSNI, during which they arrested one man in Flush Place.

Cllr Phil Moutray commented, “I welcome the recent actions of the PSNI in seizing a handgun and drugs in south Lurgan. Drugs are a scourge on our society and have no place within our town. We don’t have to look far to see the detrimental affect substances can have on lives, both young and old. Any seizure, no matter how big or small must be welcomed and I commend the work of the PSNI.

“The residents of Flush Place deserve to live in peace, without fear of illegal happenings on their doorsteps. I ask that anyone with knowledge of unlawful activities contact the PSNI immediately.”