Police to shave their heads in solidarity with colleague’s wife who has cancer


Despite freezing temperatures, some of Lurgan police officers are to Brave the Shave tomorrow in solidarity with a colleague’s wife who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Some will be getting their heads shaved while the more follically challenged will have their legs shaved in a bid to raise funds for Cancer Focus.

Dave, who used to work in Lurgan police station, received devastating news recently that his wife had metastatic breast cancer.

It was heartbreaking for Dave and his family and for his wife who will have to undergo treatment for the rest of her life.

Dave, who worked in Lurgan in Response and Neighbourhood before moving to another part of the Southern Command, said: “The emotional impact of this has devastated our little family.

“Without the support of Cancer Focus I don’t think we would have been able to carry on every day.

“Cancer Focus have assisted us all to deal with the emotional trauma of this.”

However, now his colleagues are set to join the ‘Brave the Shave’ campaign and get the clippers out this Friday in solidarity with the family and in a bid to raise more cash for Cancer Focus

One of his colleagues in Lurgan who he plays hockey with, said: “Dave is undertaking ‘Brave The Shave’ where he’ll be losing his fine mop of hair to raise money for the charity.

“He will not be doing this alone. As a hockey club, we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dave.

“We’ll all be getting our heads shaved (or, for our already follically challenged members - legs!) as not just a sign of solidarity with Dave and his family, but to try and do our bit.”

The PSNI Craigavon Facebook page has thousands of followers and they have asked that if each one donated just 25p to Cancer Focus they could raise a whopping £10k.

“If everyone gave the price of a cup of coffee...it would be a six figure sum,” said the PSNI.

Dave has set up a Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/fundraising/david-gray49

“I...we...the club...the PSNI...but most of all Dave and his wife would be massively appreciative if you gave what you can,” said the PSNI.