Police warning after elderly woman targeted

Chalk appeared on the wall of an elderly  woman's home
Chalk appeared on the wall of an elderly woman's home

The PSNI has warned residents in North Lurgan to be vigilant after a chalk mark appeared on an elderly woman’s home.

PSNI Craigavon said the mark was spotted on the side of the house in north Lurgan on Saturday night after two men called at her door offering work.

They were driving a dark BMW, according to the PSNI.

“Thankfully, the resident did exactly the right thing and did not let the men in.

“They look an interest in her mobility and seemed to be interested in the sorts of details any legitimate tradesman would not be.

“If you have elderly friends or neighbours, check their houses. If you’ve had someone call at your door yourself, check your own house. See if there are similar chalk marks. If there are, take a photo, wash it off, and phone ourselves on 101. The reference number is 1602 of 07/07/18.

“Take time with the elderly. Make sure they’re all as switched on as this lady and know NOT to let strangers in, NOT to agree to hand over sums of cash on the door step, and to phone us IMMEDIATELY if they have any suspicions about callers.

“Be that nosey neighbour! If you see anything you’re not happy with, check it out or if you’re not comfortable doing so yourself, phone us. Don’t wait or delay or think about it- pick up the phone. The sad fact is that burglary teams and cold callers want soft targets. If they think they can walk up to a vulnerable victims house without being challenged, they’ll come back. If you’re not in one, consider joining the local neighbourhood watch, or even starting one. You can call 101 and ask for the community planning Sergeant for more details.”