Police warning following ‘distraction theft’

POLICE in Craigavon are advising business owners to be vigilant of distraction scams following an incident at a restaurant in Rushmere.

On August 20, a woman distracted and confused staff in a restaurant while exchanging money and made off with a sum of cash.

Police are advising shop staff to be vigilant and to take time and ask for assistance from another member of staff if they feel they are being deliberately confused or distracted.

Staff are also asked to alert neighbouring shops and businesses if they believe they have been a target of this type of scam. This will help to reduce the opportunities these individuals have to steal and increase their chances of being caught.

Anyone who becomes concerned or apprehensive about any customer should note down their description, where appropriate the registration number of any vehicles used, and should contact their local police immediately.

The telephone number to ring is 0845 600 8000, or ‘Crimestoppers’ anonymously on freephone 0800 555111.