Poster threat to man

A VIGILANTE group has issued an apparent threat to a foreign national they say is wanted for attempted murder and rape.

Posters featuring a picture of the man have been erected in the Carrick Drive and Avenue Road estate area of the town in the past number of days.

The posters also feature the motto ‘Post Tenebras Lux - which translates as ‘Light after darkness’ - and a red hand of Ulster.

It’s not clear from where the threat has stemmed.

Police are aware of these posters in the area.

A PSNI spokesman said: “Officers would urge anyone who may have any evidence of illegal activity to bring that information to the police.

“The PSNI does not tolerate any type of vigilante activity and we would caution any individual or group against taking the law into their own hands. Those who do may themselves commit offences and may subsequently be liable to prosecution.

“Neighbourhood police officers are committed to working in partnership with local communities to address any issues or concerns and we would ask anyone who has any information regarding crime to contact their neighbourhood police officers or their local police station so that the matter can be fully investigated.”

Residents in the area have been mystified by the appearance of the posters.

One told the ‘MAIL’; “They just seem to have appeared from nowhere.”

Posters have appeared in the area previously warning about drug dealers, identifying two men as targets.