PSNI and Customs in major probe on taxis

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A PSNI operation examining taxis and vehicles in Lurgan and Portadown detected eight cars with defects or using illegal fuel.

The local Neighbourhood Policing Teams joined forces with Driver Vehicle Agency and HM Revenue and Customs on a major operation on Saturday evening, August 31.

A number of vehicles were checked and found to have defects including defective suspension, tyres and lights and no PSV licence.

Of five taxis checked by HMCR, three were using rebated fuel, one was using laundered fuel and another using fuel that required further checks.

One taxi was PSV’d in the previous owner’s name, plus the licence was suspended and there was an issue with rebated fuel. Another had no taxi operator’s licence and was also reported for rebated fuel.

Several taxis had defective tyres while another had a defective roof sign.

Sergeant Duncan McBain said: “This was a very successful operation and sends out a clear message that police, DVA and HMRC will work together to improve road safety and prevent defective vehicles being driven on our roads.

“Our aim in carrying out these operations is to keep people safe on the roads and to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. The responsibility is on motorists to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy.”