PSNI arrest driver four times over the limit

Police have arrested a motorist driving four times over the legal limit in Co Armagh.

The driver was spotted by a member of the public in Lurgan driving ‘all over the show’ on Thursday afternoon.



Chief Inspector Jon Burrows said: “Another thank you to the public for helping the PSNI to keep people safe.

“Following a call from a vigilant citizen my PSNI colleagues arrested a drink driver in Lurgan who was four times the legal limit. Your support saves lives and doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Writing on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page, police said: “Earlier on a very helpful member of the public rang in and reported that the driver was all over the show.

“So out we went on the prowl got the car stopped and Roy was all over it like a cheap suit. Out jumps C and our very drunk driver says “where are you from” she says “I’m from a land down under” your nicked mate!

“Four times the limit and a night in the cell to sober up. Will be charged in the morning.

“Thanks to you, the members of the public, for contacting us about things. Its brilliant what a quick call can do to potentially save many lives.”