PSNI Craigavon to issue ‘Wanted Posters’

Wanted poster
Wanted poster

Wanted posters, much like those from the days of the old Wild West, are set to become a feature on social media, according to the PSNI.

Suspects who abscond or fail to appear in court will have their photos shared on social media by the police in a bid to locate them.

The first features a mock Wanted Poster of top cop Chief Inspector Jon Burrows who they say jokingly is charged with the heinous crime of stealing hair gel.

The post states: “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? We have. It’s Chief Inspector Jon Burrows, and far from actually being wanted for stealing hair gel, he is leading the charge against real suspected criminals who are wanted on bench warrants.

“Bench warrant? What’s one of them?”, you ask?

“If someone fails to appear at court at any stage of the process, the court can issue a bench warrant. Sometimes this is a first time failure to appear, sometimes they know what verdict is coming and do a runner. Either way, they’re now wanted,” said the PSNI Craigavon post.

‘Operation Relentless’ as it has been dubbed aims to share photos of those the police are looking for.

From next Monday February 20, police said anyone who still has an active bench warrant against them will be ‘fair game for having their face and details shared with each and every one of our followers’.

“In that time, we will be knocking doors, phoning suspects, speaking to solicitors and following any other leads we have. In short, unless you’re now living abroad, in one weeks time there will be very little excuse for still having a bench warrant.

They called on anyone with a bench warrant to hand themselves in.

“We have some lovely metal seats in our enquiry offices that you are welcome to park your backside on for a few moments until we put you in a car and take you to court.

“If you are allergic to metal, you can speak to your solicitor and arrange to attend court THIS WEEK.

“Aside from that, there’s not much option. As of next Monday, wanted posters such as this will be going out, and we’ll be inviting our lovely followers to join in the hunt too. If you aren’t familiar with how effective the ABC public are, here’s a fun fact: During the first month of Op Exposure, over 85% of all released pictures were identified and dealt with. They were the unknown people with just CCTV footage. These will be known people with a custody mug shot! Sure you could run, but life wouldn’t be fun. Everyone will be looking for you. You won’t stand a chance. There won’t be negotiations once we find you after that point. It won’t be a “talk to your solicitor then give us a ring” scenario. It will be immediate arrest.

“The clue is in the name. We will be Relentless. Give it up.”