PSNI find 13-year-old child carrying knife in NI town centre

The PSNI has issued a warning after a 13-year-old child was found with a knife in an NI town centre.

Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing Team were on patrol on Saturday afternoon (December 21) and had reason to speak with a number of young people.

Child (13) found carrying a knife

Child (13) found carrying a knife

A PSNI spokesperson said: "A 13 year old child was subsequently searched in Lurgan Town Centre and was found with the following knife.

"Too many young lives have been ruined with knife crime.

"It is an urban myth that police cannot stop and search young people. Police will continue to utilise Stop and Search powers in Lurgan to keep your children safe.

"Parents, ensure your children do not get themselves into grave danger. Knives take lives."