Rider thrown 70ft in road collision escapes with minor injuries

Motorcycle which was involved in a crash in Craigavon
Motorcycle which was involved in a crash in Craigavon

A MOTORCYCLIST was thrown 70 feet in the air during a crash in Craigavon - and miraculously was able to walk to an ambulance.

The accident, which involved a bike and a car, happened at the junction of the Bluestone Road and Moyraverty Road close to Bluestone Business Park.

Police responded to the collision, which involved a Honda CBR600 motorcycle and a Citroen Saxo car, at around 3.50pm on Friday, April 19.

A 27-year-old man sustained an injury to his shoulder in addition to cuts and bruising and was taken to hospital for treatment.

According to the PSNI: “The collision caused the car to be spun nearly 180 degrees and the rider of the motorcycle was thrown approximately 70 feet.

“Luckily the rider was able to walk into the ambulance and was then taken to hospital for treatment. This rider was very lucky and the result could have been much worse.

“With the good weather coming in we would ask all road users to be careful of bikers and for bikers to also be careful as they are normally the ones who come off worse.

“The rider was wearing very good protective clothing and thankfully landed on a grass bank rather than the road which helped prevent more serious injuries.”

Sergeant Alwyn Peters, Brownlow Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Fortunately in this incident the motorcyclist was able to walk into the ambulance and received treatment at hospital.

“With longer evenings and better weather approaching, we would ask all motorists to be mindful of bikers and other road users and for bikers to be mindful of their own driving and safety.

“Biking can be a great experience but ridden inappropriately a motorcycle becomes a lethal weapon. Bikers have a responsibility to ride their bikes in a proper and safe manner - you should always take account of the weather and traffic conditions.

“Motorists should also be aware of motorcyclists on the roads. Drivers need to look out for bikes when overtaking, at junctions, when turning right and when emerging onto main roads.”

A spokesman for the Southern Trust said the man arrived at Craigavon Hospital’s emergency department but wasn’t admitted to the hospital.