Rise in anti-social crime

Inspector Ken Annett. INLM2512-156gc
Inspector Ken Annett. INLM2512-156gc

There has been a 23 percent rise in anti-social behaviour in the Lurgan area over the past month, according to the latest statistics.

The crime statistics from the PSNI show that last year there were 111 incidents of anti-social behaviour in May, compared to 140 in June.

Anti-social behaviour in Lurgan is the highest level of all crimes in the area.

Violent and sexual offences are also at a high level in the figures. However, the numbers have not increased between May and June, with 84 instances in each month.

Overall crime has risen but only by three percent and, in some cases, certain offences have shown a marked decrease.

Burglary was down from 16 instances in May to just 13 in June this year.

Shoplifting was down from 10 in May to eight in June.

Robbery was also down from two in May to just one in June and other types of theft also reduced from 29 in May to 20 in June.

As well as that, drug offences were down with 20 in May and just 16 in June.

However, vehicle crime is on the rise with just seven instances in May but 10 in June.

Criminal damage and arson offences show a high figure of 36 in both months.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Ken Annett said: “While the statistics for May and June show a small increase in overall crime, there have been reductions in most categories.

“We treat any rise in crime seriously and we want everyone to feel safe whether they are living, working or socialising in the local area.

“Crime statistics can fluctuate from month to month for a variety of reasons and we try to analyse longer term trends.”

“Where crime does occur, it is our job to investigate it thoroughly, and to do everything we can to get the offender before the courts,” said Inspector Annett.

“That is not always possible, for many complicated reasons, but it must always be our priority.

“Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a blight on communities.

“Police work closely with colleagues such as local councils and community groups to tackle ASB in a co-ordinated way.

“I understand that one report of anti-social behaviour may have followed weeks or months of distress and so we will not be complacent around the issue.

“We have worked hard as a police service to meet significant demand from communities across many issues and incidents.”

“While policing is changing, our commitment to people in Lurgan remains steadfast and we will continue to work hard to keep people safe in a challenging financial environment,” Inspector Annett told the ‘MAIL’.