Robbers make off with £2k worth of equipment


More than £2k worth of equipment has been stolen from a number of business premises in Craigavon.

Police said the burglaries took place over the weekend and have urged the public to report anyone selling goods at really cheap prices.

The PSNI Craigavon said: “One of these was a hairdressers. This will undoubtedly cause a huge hassle to the business and the members of the public who use it.

“Approximately £2000 worth of equipment has been taken and will most likely be offered for sale very shortly. Please help make the stuff too hot to handle.

“The owner of this business works hard to keep the business going and some thug saw fit to just help themselves to their property.

“How would you feel if someone helped themselves to your hard earned TV or phone?

“I know everyone loves a bargain, but if you’re caught buying or in possession of any of this equipment, you too could find yourself in front of the judge for handling stolen goods. Not really worth it is it?

“Also, keep in mind, anyone selling goods for a really cheap price is most likely selling counterfeit goods or stolen goods. Either way, it’s probably not gonna end well. So, any info with regards to this incident, get in touch on 101 and quote ref: 427 23/01/18.”