Schoolboys in assault video, shared on Snapchat, identified by PSNI


Police have now identified two boys who appeared in a Snapchat video which seemed to show a schoolboy being assaulted.

The video, which had been shared widely across social media, seemed to show a young schoolboy being assaulted by another boy.

The incident is thought to have happened in the Portadown area in recent days.

In a PSNI statement, police said: “Following a video doing the rounds in the last 24 hours which appeared to show a school boy being assaulted, both boys have now been identified.

“Our investigation is ongoing. If you physically witnessed the incident or have any further information about it, please contact us via 101. The incident number is 233 of 24/05/18.

“Finally, you’ll notice that the incident number is from today (Thursday).

“Yesterday (Thursday), people were more than happy to share it all over the internet, saying how terrible it was, yet not lift the phone and report it.

“That is a sad indictment on those who did so.

“If you see something that you believe could be illegal or harmful to someone, don’t assume someone else will report it. If it shocks you that much, lift the phone.”

This week, the PSNI Craigavon’s Facebook page said they are aware of the Snapchat video and said: “Someone had the foresight to screen record, meaning it wasn’t lost.

“If you see something illegal on Snapchat, that’s the best way of gathering actual usable evidence.

“I’ve seen a lot of comments on one thread more concerned about sharing it than reporting it to ourselves which is, frankly, disgusting.

“We’re looking into the incident and will update further in due course.”