Sent for trial to Crown Court

A LURGAN man has been sent for trial to Craigavon Crown Court after appearing at a preliminary enquiry last Friday at the local courthouse.

He was 51 year old Raymond Pedlow, of Annesborough Road, Lurgan.

The first charge against him was that between June 17, 2006, and June 17, 2010 he dishonestly used electricity at 66 Annesborough Road.

He is also charged with having in his possession NIE sealing pliers for use in the course of a fraud,

As well he has two charges of dishonestly using electricity, two charges of damaging an electricity meter and one charge of damaging service charge.

Another set of charges were also put to the defendant.

The first alleges that on March 23, 2006, he made a false instrument, namely a surrender form, for a transfer a sum of £23,352 into a bank account in his name. He is also charged with dishonestly obtaining this money.

Two further similar charges were put to him concerning falsely transferring and obtaining £25,575.21 between May 15 and June 17, 2006.

Pedlow was returned to Craigavon Crown Court on his own bail of £500 to September 21 for arraignment.