SF urges vigilance as burglars target town

HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged to be vigilante after a spate of burglaries in the Lurgan area.

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark O’Dowd made the call for people to be mindful of security after reports of burglars targeting houses in the area.

Cllr O’Dowd said the PSNI had some success following a spate of burglaries throughout the area but warned of the need for continued vigilance by householders.

He said: “Most burglaries are opportunistic crimes and at this time of year with so many people heading off on holidays the opportunities increase.

“Householders need to be extra vigilant when it comes to securing their homes and should make double sure that all windows and doors are securely closed when they are away from home. They should also inform neighbours of their absence and ask them to keep an eye on the property.”

Mr O’Dowd pointed out that burglars look for empty properties to target and he asserted: “Neighbours should immediately report any suspicious activity to the PSNI and householders themselves need to take sensible steps to prevent their home being targeted. It is important that they don’t do anything to advertise their absence. They should arrange for a family member to collect their mail and should be careful to avoid placing any information on social media sites which would let would be thieves know that they are away from home.”