Shooting of Syd the cat unites Kilwilkie

Syd the cat who was shot dead in Kilwilkie
Syd the cat who was shot dead in Kilwilkie

The ‘inhumane’ shooting of a cat in the Kilwilkie area of Lurgan has united the community in disgust, the owner has told the ‘MAIL’.

Anuska Rowney’s four year old cat Syd was shot dead in the Lurgantarry area, the latest in a plague of cruelty to cats in the area over the summer months.

The mum-of-three said her family have been devastated by the loss of their pet and said they were disgusted at the thugs who shot little Syd.

Recalling how she had awoken at 8.30am on Sunday morning, August 24, to find the little mite laying in the alleyway with a hole in its back.

“My little eight-year-old daughter Casey was with me and she went into hysterics,” said Anuska. Casey and her older sisters Caitlin (16) and Rebecca (14) are distraught since Syd was killed.

“All the neighbours have said how disgusted they are. A lot of people are coming up to me in the street to tell me that,” she said. “My mum is even getting stopped in the street about it. We have been getting a lot of support.”

Anuska said she phoned the police straight after she found her little Syd and the they came immediately. “The policeman was disgusted. And there are lots of other people who have lost cats. You could see that even from the PSNI Facebook page,” she said.

Anuska believes that the thugs who did it have ‘sick minds’ and will be bragging about it. “Someone will know who they are,” she said.

“It is very distressing,” said Anuska who said her youngest daughter said she doesn’t want another cat as she doesn’t want to forget Syd.

“I would like to see them punished. They shouldn’t get away with it. It’s inhumane,” she said.

The PSNI had said they believed someone used a pellet gun to kill Syd and have appealed for information.

It follows months of reports of missing cats and revelations thugs are capturing cats and using them as bait for hunting dogs in Lurgan.

The Animal Welfare Admin Officer of the Southern Group Environmental Health Committee said: “I can confirm that the animal welfare service has not received a complaint regarding the cat which was injured in the Lurgan Tarry area of Lurgan on 24th August 2014. We have, however, been in contact with the PSNI who are currently continuing their investigations in this matter and will continue to liaise with them as necessary, in relation to this matter. Any further requests for information on this investigation should be directed to PSNI Lurgan.”

Police urged anyone with information or saw any suspicious activity to contact Lurgan Police Station on the non emergency number 101.