Stop leaving drugs around for kids to pick up, say PSNI

Ye Olde Stash Tin
Ye Olde Stash Tin

Police have warned of the dangers of leaving drugs in public places for children to pick up after a ‘stash box’ was found at a local train station.

The PSNI said the box was discovered at Portadown Railway Station by staff.

But they told junkies to stop leaving their drugs about in public places.

Writing on Facebook, PSNI Craigavon, after a stash box with the slogan ‘Ye Olde Stash Tin’ was found, said: “Hear ye, hear ye...

“By appointment of the honorable Sheriff of Portadown, I doth declare the following property hath been mislaid, then found and rescued from obscurity by carriage workers in Portadown railway station, with the offer of return to it’s most vexed owner...

“If thou doth longeth for the return of ye olde hash stash then present oneself...

“...actually, let’s stop there or someone will take it seriously, or be offended. Or both.

“This was found in a train station. Stop leaving drugs lying around in public places kids could pick them up!!”