Taxis driving off with passengers ‘only half in the vehicle’

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Some taxi drivers are driving off with passengers ’only half in the vehicle’, according to the PSNI.

PSNI Craigavon revealed there had been a number of reports over the last few weeks of such incidents and warned the taxi drivers to desist.

On a Facebook post, the PSNI said: “Taxi drivers of Craigavon and beyond, lend me your ears. A bit of a peculiar one for you. Put simply: make sure your passengers are INSIDE the vehicle BEFORE driving off!!

“We’ve had a couple of reports in the last few weeks of incidents where drivers have driven off with passengers only half in the vehicle.

“Whilst that sounds like something from a hidden camera show, the results are potentially lethal, which is no laughing matter.

“Now, we all know that taxi drivers are passionate about keeping the roads free from obstruction and HATE blocking the road by stopping for even a second...<ahem>...which no doubt is the reason these drivers were so anxious to get on their way.

“That said, there ARE things more annoying and inconvenient than waiting behind stopped taxis. Stuff like injury or even fatal RTCs for example.

“So drivers, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone in your vehicle is indeed securely in your vehicle.

“There could be offences such as dangerous driving if we really wanted to go down that road...but we don’t.

“We’ve got a great working relationship with the usually superb drivers in our patch.

“For every aggressive drunk we’ve removed from their car, they’ve taken four vulnerable drunks home safely. Let’s keep it going that way!

“As much as this will go down like a lead balloon- please, take that extra second to make sure everyone is in... (preferably whilst in a lay-by than the middle of a junction)”