Terror as car ploughs into NI family home

Car crashed into home in Craigavon
Car crashed into home in Craigavon
  • Man (23) arrested by PSNI
  • Significant damage caused to house
  • Family traumatised after seventh crash

A woman has described her terror after a car drove into the side of her home in the early hours of this morning.

Wendy Conway said the car speared through the fence, demolishing the dog kennel and into her home at Old Court Manor, Craigavon at 3.40am.

She said she awoke to a loud bang. “I went outside and saw this guy getting out of a car and he ran away.”

“He drove through the fence and demolished the dog kennel. Luckily the dog was inside the house with us,” she said.

Mum Wendy said her 16-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son were in the house at the time.

Several accidents have occured at that junction with the Sugar Island Road over the last ten years.

Wendy said the level of damage was dreadful. Not only was the fence and dog kennel destroyed but he drove into the oil burner which is now leaking water.

“I have to get a specialist to come and look at it and fix it,” she said.

The lawnmower has been destroyed as has the patio furniture and there are tyre marks across the lawn.

This is the seventh time in the 13 years Wendy has lived in her home and she is upset nothing has been done.

“I am very worried. I am afraid in bed. It has been very hard. Thank the Lord no one was outside when it happened.

“It was very frightening,” she said.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Police received a report of a damage only, hit and run collision in the Old Court Manor area of Craigavon, at around 3.45 am this morning.

“Police attended the scene and located the vehicle in the garden of a property in the Old Court Manor.

“A 23 year old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, driving with excess alcohol in breath, failing to stop where an accident occurred causing damage, failing to remain where accident occurred causing damage.

“He remains in custody at this time.”