Tips on stopping metal thieves

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LOCAL police are urging homeowners, community groups, churches, schools and premises managers to take steps to protect their buildings against lead and metal thefts.

One way to protect your property against lead theft is to use anti-climb paint on your lead flashing. Also known as anti-vandal, anti burglar or anti-intruder paint this thick glutinous substance appears similar to smooth gloss paint, however, it does not dry. By applying this paint to lead flashing you are preventing would-be thieves from gaining a foothold on your property, making it practically impossible for them to steal. The paint also makes the lead less attractive to scrap metal dealers reducing the incentive for intruders. It’s also extremely difficult to remove from clothing, acting as a further deterrent. The general recommendation is that anti-climb paint be applied two metres above normal access height and is clearly signposted.

SelectaDNA Grease is another material which can be used to protect your property. This substance has been specially designed to protect outdoor materials such as lead roofing and copper piping, which are particularly vulnerable to theft.

If a thief handles marked goods, SelectaDNA Grease instantly transfers onto his or her hands and clothing. The police can then scan suspects with UV detection equipment to locate traces of the substance.

The grey grease is almost impossible to remove and the unique DNA code irrefutably links the perpetrator to the crime scene.

100g of the Grease will mark approximately 25 linear metres using the 3cm wide paintbrush supplied in the kits. The coverage is based on normal operating temperatures of 18-22c.

If you would like further crime prevention advice or information on the text alert scheme please contact your local crime prevention officer on 0845 600 8000.