Urinated behind police vehicle

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When he needed to relieve himself late at night in Banbridge a 25-year- old man decided to go behind a car.

However, the car turned out to be a police vehicle and he was prosecuted for indecent behaviour on February 17 this year.

Dwayne McKnight, Granville Gardens, Banbridge, was fined £50 for the offence lastThursday at the local court.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy. The case had been listed for a contest but on the day of the court the defendant changed his plea to guilty.

A prosecutor said that at 11.20pm in Church Square, Banbridge, police were parked in the St Patrick’s Church car park.

He said officers noticed McKnight go behind the vehicle. There, the court heard, the defendant fidgeted with the front of his trousers and appeared to be urinating.

It was said that when an officer went to the rear of the car he saw the defendant buttoning himself up. McKnight was reported as having said to police: “As far as I can see you are not writing this down.”

A solicitor representing McKnight said it was a case of ‘the drink was in and the wit was out’ when the defendant was caught short.

He explained that his client did seek out a position behind a car but it turned out to be a police car.

The solicitor added that McKnight had a previous conviction for a similar offence in2015 , for which he was fined.