POLICE came under attack from stone throwing thugs in Waringstown at the weekend as they moved in to break-up an ‘out of hand’ house party.

Residents in the village were left terrified amid violent scenes during the incident which lasted a number of hours.

Trouble flared as police moved in to deal with a house party in the Murraywood area.

On Saturday evening, February 25, police received a report of a large number of youths at a house in Murraywood.

Officers attended and discovered approximately 60 people at a house party, a number of whom were under 18.

The crowd were asked to move on which they appeared to do, however some remained in the Murraywood and general Waringstown area for a number of hours. Police received a number of calls about youths causing annoyance and whilst on preventative patrols had stones thrown at them and obscenities shouted.

Constable Quaile, Lurgan Neighbourhood Poilicing Team, said: “The youths did eventually move on but a number of police vehicles were dedicated to dealing with this for three hours on a Saturday night when the resources could have been more usefully deployed, elsewhere.

“This was a party which got out of hand and, unfortunately, caused disruption and annoyance for residents in the local area.”

She warned youths of the consequences of becoming involved in antisocial behaviour following the weekend incident: “We are asking young people to stop and think about their actions before they get caught up in something they have no control over. Antisocial behaviour can lead to prosecution for a number of offences including criminal damage and assault. A criminal record could affect your later education, travel and career prospects.”

Anyone with information or concerns about this incident can contact Lurgan Neighbourhood Policing team on 0845 600 8000.

Residents described how the youths ran riot in the area, ignoring police and terrifying witnesses.

One told the ‘MAIL’: “It was like something from Sodom and Gomorrah, these young ones just didn’t care two figs about the people living here. They were out to party and cause mischief and trouble.”

Commending the actions of the PSNI in dealing with what was clearly a difficult situation, Ulster Unionist MLA Jo-Anne Dobson said: “Residents in this quiet residential area of the village are obviously concerned about this incident and one lady told me that at one stage there appeared to be around thirty youths drinking alcohol outside her home on Saturday night.

“She told me that it would have been an extremely terrifying experience for her if her husband had not been at home at the time.

“Many residents have told me that they were frightened by the scene which unfolded in their housing estate and would never wish to see a repeat again. I would urge anyone who has information which may be useful to the Lurgan police as they investigate this matter to get in contact with them.”