Warning after ‘odd job’ scam attempt

SCAM artists are operating in Craigavon targeting vulnerable people, a local Councillor has warned.

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark O’Dowd called for householders to be on the alert for con artists who offer to do odd-jobs and then demand extravagant sums in payment.

Mr O’Dowd made the call after it emerged that an elderly householder in the Taghnevan area had been the subject of an attempted scam. He explained that a man had called at the home of the elderly resident and asked if she had any jobs that needed done. After cleaning her yard he asked for £200 in payment.

Cllr O’Dowd said, “Thankfully this lady didn’t part with the money asked for and had the sense to contact her family members and alert the PSNI.

“These scam artists target some of the most vulnerable in our society and we should make our elderly relatives and neighbours aware of their activities. Anyone who has already fallen foul of these people should contact the PSNI and give them the details of the con.”

The councillor said for those who find themselves in a similar situation: “Either make it quite clear that you don’t require their services or if you do have work that needs done tell them exactly what you want them to do and agree a price before they start.”

Mark said that he fully appreciated that some people may feel intimidated or unsure of the value of work to be done and he said: “If you feel threatened or if you are unsure of what the work should cost ask the caller to come back at a time when a relative or neighbour can deal with them.

“If they are genuine they will have no problem in doing this.”