Warning as motorcyclists use footpath close to primary school

Footpath close to St Brendan's Primary School
Footpath close to St Brendan's Primary School

The PSNI has issued a warning after motorcyclists were spotted driving close to a NI primary school on footpaths used by children.

Police said that over the last school year, St Brendan’s Primary School in Craigavon had an issue with motorcycles using the footpath in front of the school.

They had been using it as a short cut for getting to and from Moyraverty shops and the Oakfield Road.

A PSNI spokesperson said: "Now that new school year has started, the principal has already noticed the same thing happening this week.

"As as you can imagine the thought of a motorcycle hitting a person does not bare thinking about.

"This is an issue police and the school staff would like to see stop.

"Just to clear it all up, riding a motorcycle on a footpath is an offence.

"If any injury is caused to a person as a result of riding on the footpath, this is a more serious offence."