Was cleaning motorbike for a friend

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When he was asked to clean a motorcycle a 48-year-old man drove it to a garage to power wash it but he was not covered by insurance.

Shane Samuel McCullough, Abercorn Park, Portadown, was fined £500 last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court for not having insurance on May 18 this year.

He was also given six points and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

For taking the bike without the consent of the owner he was fined £100.

The court heard that at 11.45am police stopped him riding an orange Honda motorcycle in the Brownstown area.

There was no active insurance policy in place but McCullough believed there was insurance on the machine.

Police checked with the owner who confirmed there was no active policy and he had not given the defendant permission to ride it.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing the defendant, said his client’s record was of some vintage although it was relevant in terms of no insurance.

He explained that the moped belonged McCullough’s friend who intended to take it to the North West bike races.

Mr Ingram added that the friend had given the defendant the keys to clean up the machine and he had taken it to garage to power wash it. He had previously been insured to ride the bike but this had been cancelled.