WATCH: Police Dog Jazz on rail away day

Police have released video of one of their ‘cuter’ anti-drugs operations.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 12:29 pm

The ‘aw’ factor was high as Police Dog Jazz was taken on a bit of an excursion on the Belfast-Dublin line recently.

The visit did have its serious side as police explained on Friday (October 11): “You may have seen our video yesterday about the patrol on the train with PD Jazz working in partnership with Translink/NIR (as some still call them).

“This came about because drugs come into the country by many different means.

“During our time with PD Jazz she made two clear indications. Subsequently two persons were searched and nothing found (on this occasion).

“There were two goals of this operation:

“1. Detect drugs or deter people from doing so

“2. Reassure the public (and staff) that we are out and about on the rail network #keeping people safe.

“Obviously PD Jazz was well received by many members of the public.

“I certainly wasn’t the only one taking photos of her!)”