Young mum’s car smashed up by masked men

Joe Irwin with his burned out work van. INLM26-217.
Joe Irwin with his burned out work van. INLM26-217.

A young mother is distraught after two masked men smashed up her car at the weekend.

Racheal Irwin, aged 26, is terrified after the thugs smashed her car in the Lurgantarry estate in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Young mum Racheal was on a night out when she received a frantic call from her father who was baby sitting - asking her to come home.

“My dad was sitting in the living room and heard a noise. He went out to check but didn’t see anything. Soon after a neighbour ran to say the car had been smashed up,” said Racheal.

She explained that, not only were three windows smashed, but the window screen and the mirror was wrecked.

“There are hammer marks all over the bonnet and doors, plus the headlights are smashed and the car is all scraped,” said Racheal.

“Some people thought there were bullet holes in the windscreen,” she said.

Racheal said the thugs had smashed the wing mirror and put the broken glass in between two baby seats in the back seat of the car.

“There was blood in the car and although we called the police they didn’t come until 6pm that evening and, by then, the blood had washed away in the rain.”

“It’s mad. I can’t sleep,” said Racheal, who just moved into the Lurgantarry bungalow a few weeks ago.

Previously she had been living with her father in Soye Gardens and, just four weeks ago, thugs torched her father’s work van.

“They did it from the tank and burnt it out,” she said.

Racheal revealed that her father’s business in Annesborough was also broken into two weeks ago.

Constable David Gamble said: “Around 1.45am on Sunday, 21 June, the windows of a silver Audi A4 car, parked on Levin Road, were damaged.

“We would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the damage being caused or has information which may assist our investigation.

“We can be contacted in Lurgan on 101.”