Youths at park are ‘drain on resources

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‘Babysitting’ a gang of youths in a Co Armagh park at the weekend was a ‘waste of resources’, say the PSNI.

Regularly plagued by anti-social behaviour, there was an influx of around 20 youths to Gilford Park on Saturday night

A PSNI spokesperson said: “As E section are on the final stretch of the Saturday night shift I thought some feedback on Gilford park was due.

“We attended the park last night (Saturday) to be greeted by approx 30 youths. When we arrived a number of bags were checked but no alcohol found. It was noted that there were empty bottles and can lying around including buckfast bottles.

“The youths were all moved out of the park and call signs remained in the area until the kids were collected by their taxis etc.

“This was a drain on valuable resources for almost 45 minutes to an hour. We put the call out again for parents to know where their kids are and know where they are going on nights out.”