Cute cat and mouse game caught on video

Tayla the cat
Tayla the cat

An age old battle was played out on the kitchen floor of a Tandragee household this week - as a family cat cornered a mouse.

Tayla the cat was called in by her owner Neil Cochrane to deal with a pesky intruder but there was a bit of a turnabout, with the cat not quite sure what to do with her prey.

The cute moment was caught on video by Neil on Tuesday.

Neil, an avid Star Trek fan, found phasers were very definitely set to stun as Tayla encountered the mouse, boldly going where no cat has gone before by stretching out her 'Catspaw' and apparently petting the mouse.

Neil even called in his other cat Spock as reinforcements but Mr Spock felt it was not a logical use of his time.

Friends surmised the mouse must have been terrified but Neil said Tayla 'calmed it down'.

Neil said: "Eventually I was forced to take care of the mouse myself as it was close to getting into the bedrooms.

"Tayla watched the whole time as it tried to make it up the stairs but again she did nothing!"

He also said: "You'd think two cats would be a sufficient anti-mouse strategy, but no."

And for the curious among you - Tayla got her name from a character in another classic sci-fi series (Stargate: Atlantis). Of course, she had originally been called Data - but only until the realised she wasn't a he!

And for the Trekkies among you - can you spot the not so subtle episode references in the article above?