Dad leaves sickbed to deliver baby in layby

The Gass family with Dad Stephen, Mum Victoria  with their children Caden (8) Corey (7) Sienna (5) and baby Connie
The Gass family with Dad Stephen, Mum Victoria with their children Caden (8) Corey (7) Sienna (5) and baby Connie

A Co Armagh mum managed to make her three children packed lunches after her water’s broke and before her husband delivered their baby in a roadside layby.

Victoria Gass from Laurelvale gave birth at the side of the road, around a mile from their Laurelvale home - ably helped by her husband Stephen.

The 32-year-old revealed Stephen had been in bed with a terrible tummy bug.

“I informed him that night that I wasn’t going to bed because I didn’t want the bug.

“I lay down on the sofa to go for a sleep and I had a wee pop and my waters went.

“I had to go get him out of his sick bed. He really wasn’t well and shouldn’t have been in the hospital at all. He was hardly fit to drive never mind deliver his wee daughter Connie Evelyn on 27th November.

“We live in Laurelvale and her head was partially out at Short’s Garage. We got pulled in a Leckey’s body shop and out she came. I was in the passenger’s seat already cradling her head. He got out and popped the seat back and out she shot.

“We probably would have been as safe to stay at home but I had woke the kids to tell them we were going to the hospital to have the baby because they had made us promise.

“I thought I might have held her in but ... It’s a good job we lifted a few towels,” she said.

“The operator on the telephone instructed Stephen to take the lace out of his boot. There was a hair bauble in the car and I was adamant he should use that but he use the lace from his boot to tie her wee umbilical cord up.

She revealed her labour was 45 minutes all together.

And in that time she woke up her husband, called her mum to come over to mind the children and made them packed lunches.

She said she didn’t feel much pain just unbelievable pressure. “The first three were all water births in the hospital and were lovely experiences. I wouldn’t change them for the world. But I think adrenaline kicked in. That’s why they think I didn’t experience much pain. It all just happened so quickly. “She arrived in Craigavon wrapped in a towel and the placenta was delivered in the car park.

Victoria praised her husband, a building manager with Graham’s: “Icouldn’t ask for better. He’s been great with all four of them.” The couple’s three other children Caden (8) Corey (7) Sienna (5), pupils at Scarva Primary School, are also delighted.

“We sat in the layby for 12 minutes waiting on the ambulance. It was lovely us having that time - just the three of us. She just sat looking at us. You would swear she had been here before. She was as bright as a wee button.

Victoria wanted to thank the 999 operator, the ambulance men and the staff at Craigavon Midwifery Led Unit.